"Beer: It's not just for breakfast anymore."


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Name: Connie
From: vacaville,cali
Time: 2001-07-02 12:19:41
Comments: hey guy's. it's me Connie(ur banner girl)im just wrighting to say it was really fun yestrday with u.. call me when u are going some where when u nead us so me and my sister can help(been i don t know if brandi is going to come...)ok u guy's rock .keep it real.. love always Connie ur benner girl 2001

Name: Alan Burgess
From: New Zealand
Time: 2001-06-30 00:26:23
Comments: Lucky enough to be back in the states at Sacramento jazz festival time, (2001) and caught your perfomances. Would have to say it was the highlight of our visit to the festival. Great entertainment and a pleasure to see people who dont take life too seriously, but have the talent to share. Hope to see you still going strong on our next trip. Alan B.

Name: Bill Bua
From: Sacramento, BABY!!!
Time: 2001-06-28 15:17:08
Comments: Just want to let the band know that each and every one of you played very well during this year's Jubilee. We may be a drinking band with a marching problem, but we're a legitimate, high energy, competent band. As I walked the streets of Old Sacramento, I was stopped by many who said that we were not just a gimicky band anymore. We have crossed the threshold and are now one of the top bands in the whole festival. I am SO proud to be in this band. And, I am proud of the hard work that each of you had contributed to make it happen. I especially want to thank John Clevenger, Neil, and all section leaders for their diligent work. Though I have played with many great bands through my 21 years of festivals, this is now the best one I have ever played with. But, more importantly, this band is the most fun. I look forward to playing in the band this summer (when I don't have pay gigs). Just because I'm not there in body, doesn't mean that I'm not there in spirit. Good luck on July 1st, and I hope to make as many gigs as possible this summer. See all you guys soon. By the way, UP YOURS! William Bua

Name: Bethany Hidden
From: Sacramento
Time: 2001-06-11 16:20:56
Comments: I've seen you guys at the capital christmas parade every year scence birth.You guys rocky my party world.

Name: Cagy
From: Ophir Prison
Time: 2001-06-08 09:22:34
Comments: Actually, Mark is doing time as a result of his knocking to the ground several sisters belonging to a small Scottish order, who were on a sightseeing trip in their unique tartan habits. So, he's not in for "telling bad puns"; he's in for "felling plaid nuns."

Name: Doug Sabin
From: Sacramento
Time: 2001-06-06 14:29:35
Comments: How come there are no mug shots of Mark MacRae and the other inmates on your web site? By the way....What is Mark MacRae doing time for? Telling bad puns?

Name: Henry Sanchez
From: Sacramento,CA
Time: 2001-06-04 20:08:30
Comments: What an absolute delight to see and hear your band year after year at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee. Please keep up the wonderful work!! You guys are great! Sincerely, Henry

Name: Judy McEuen & Ellis Cecchini
From: Antioch, Ca
Time: 2001-06-03 21:02:38
Comments: We have seen you a the Sac Jazz Festival several times and thoroughly enjoy every preformance! Keep us posted on upcoming "Jail Breaks"

Name: Bob Hansen
From: San Jose
Time: 2001-05-29 16:09:53
Comments: We were at the Sacramento Jazz Festival this last weekend and enjoyed your band a bunch. I talked to the washboard and bass drum players when you were working the Old Sac streets Sunday afternoon. You guys have TOO MUCH FUN for sure! I'm getting my washboard completed and got some good tips from your washboard artist. Do you ever add to the band?? I asked about possibly booking the group in a year for a Lions Club convention out at the Radisson Hotel and will provide a written description of the event to give you a chance to respond properly. Thanks for being such a great group!

Name: Jazzhead
From: Willits
Time: 2001-05-29 10:49:36
Comments: Cool set-up. I spilled my beer watching you guys at the Jazz Festival. I should have asked for a lid. Maybe you guys will head North and shake up Mendocino a bit.

Name: Roger Woods
From: Elk Grove, CA
Time: 2001-05-28 00:07:43
Comments: The "Sound of Beer"....hmmmm, very interesting. I like it. I haven't laughed that hard since the Lakers whooped up on the Kings. Great show, and if I may take a quote from your performance....."UP YOURS"!

Name: Jan Clevenger will not hit enter this time
From: Same planet as the guy in the wind up hat
Time: 2001-05-27 14:11:29
Comments: Dear Brother John---WHAT A BUNCH OF NUTS !!!!!!!!!!HAL & I thoroughly enjoyed your website. P.S. WHAT A BUNCH OF NUTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: June (Creighton) Cunningham
From: Santa Cruz
Time: 2001-05-02 15:48:29
Comments: Remember me from years ago at CSUS? I found your site via the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee link. I'll see you there (again). Hope to see other "alumni" (inmates and friends circa '73-'80) too. Care to organize a Home Coming?

Name: Screech ID# OU812
From: Ophir CA
Time: 2001-03-29 21:52:23
Comments: I did not do it!!! Well I don't think I did !!! I'm almost sure it wasn't me !!!!! I can't recall but I was doing somthing else at the time, yea I was helping an old person to cross the road and I was not even close to the bank when it was robbed. The money I was carring at the time was from the chruch,and and and I was taking it to the ophir half way house for grils as a donation . TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!

Name: AXEL
From: Planet Puppy
Time: 2001-03-29 19:22:43
Comments: how come when you hit enter this damn thing closes out? I want to know who was responsible for me being put BACK into the hole for the last 6 months? What I did wasn't THAT bad, as a matter of fact, I thought it was rather funny! There wasn't that much blood, besides that scumbag wasn't worth the leather in the shoes he stood on... I could have sworn that I cut up the pieces small enough...Now that you let me out, does that mean that you will allow me to play bass drum for you again?? Please?? I agreed to go to that stupid rehab class...

Name: Mike Guzzi
From: Hell
Time: 2001-03-07 14:01:55
Comments: You need to add more picture of Mark Macrae since he is the man!

Name: Bill Grigsby
Website: The Tasselled Loafer
From: Ophir, CA
Time: 2001-02-22 13:41:33
Comments: Great pics of the band!

Name: Bill Bua
Time: 2001-01-19 19:05:21
Comments: How many pool skimmers does it take to ruin a Selmer Mark IV Saxophone? Ask Curly for the punchline.

Name: Shirley Garrett
From: Sacramento
Time: 2001-01-09 13:07:20
Comments: I work with Mark MacRae? You guys sound really great! Hope to see you sometime!

Name: Bill Bua
From: Sacramento
Time: 2001-01-01 16:38:29
Comments: What's the difference between a trombone player and a large pizza? A large pizza can feed a family of four.

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