"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."
--Benjamin Franklin

A selection of links

Eric Totman's Vintage Horns:
A collection of silver cornets, trumpets, & other valved horns that Rufus really likes.

The Official Website of Maynard Ferguson:
The legacy of Maynard Ferguson

Kazoobie Kazoos:
Kazoos for sale, links, and instructions on "How To Play Kazoo."

Sacramento Kings Official Web Site:
A taste of music in their playing up and down the court with beeeeer drinking by their fans (beer rules all over the arena). But no rules. Ophir's team because of the beer and the kings playing like an orchestra. Like our beer Orchestra. Orchestrated beer.

Beer Church:
This web site is just the place for quaffers who not only like beer but worship beer.

Rubber Chicken Cards:
Frankly these e-cards are a bit twisted but seriously funny. You can view all of their cards without subscribing.

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